Assorted Brights And Pinks

Pink business suit sculpture by Erwin Wurm
Pink business suit by Erwin Wurm, Citygarden, St Louis

Let my first be a warning to expect rather a mixed bag as a hail and farewell to two challenges that have brightened and pinkened our April.

Pink leaves
Pink, leafy and bright

I’ll leave Becky and Jude to decide which picture qualifies for what – but no fighting, ladies!

Anole on bowling ball
Anole soaking up the brightness on bowling ball

Becky is responsible for all the bright pictures in our feeds this month. You can check out today’s post here. After all her hard work, and with one of her ingenious wrap-up posts in preparation, we could forgive her if she was wishing that, like this lizard, she had the luxury of lounging in the sun.

Architectural detail, Prague
Architectural detail, Prague
Love and Pie painted signs
That’s what my heart yearns for now – love and pie
Cherry blossom against a blue sky
Cherry blossom

HeyJude requested pictures of cherry blossom earlier in the month as part of her celebration of all things pink. I’m happy to oblige. Her photo challenge runs throughout 2021 and a new colour is announced each month. Any clues for what’s next, Jude?

Drawing of pink shack on a black wall in Clarksdale
Pink shack, Clarksdale, Mississippi
Pink delphinium with a white bee
Pink delphinium with a white bee
Flying pig design
Flying pig aiming to be bright and early

One thing I love about the challenges is that they encourage us to post pictures we usually wouldn’t. So for better or for worse, depending on your perspective, here’s a sequence of pink flamingos. The first pair are a cut above; the second, uninhibited; and the last is wondering what it has done to deserve this.

Hearts and flamingos, Museum of Art and Whimsy, Sarasota
Flamingos on guard, Museum of Art and Whimsy, Sarasota
Greater flamingos mating
Greater flamingos mating
Wooden pink flamingo covered in snow
Pink flamingo snowed in

Finally, here’s a pretty pink shrub rose to be shared between our kind hosts, everyone who has joined in with at least one of the challenges and everyone who has read at least one of the submission posts – that includes you!

Pink roses

33 Replies to “Assorted Brights And Pinks”

  1. I am now more convinced than ever that the world needs more pink. What a great post! The pink cherry blossoms are the stuff of daydreams, but it’s the love and pie signs that really bring it all together. What else is there, after all? A true Grand Finale to April.

    1. ‘What the world needs now / Is pink, sweet pink’ seems like a missed opportunity. You know my weakness for pies.

        1. I wonder if we could get away with ‘It’s the only thing (except pies) that there’s just too little of’? Probably not, on balance.

          1. If we couldn’t get away with it, it would be only because the rest of the world just can’t keep up. I do love the parenthetical lyrics.

  2. Such a fun series! You’re right about challenges allowing so much creativity and inspiring us to post images which we otherwise wouldn’t!

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