BrightSquare: Flowerbed

Flowers in a bed frame

I’ve seen a number of unusual planters: teacups, bathroom suites, cars, trucks, tyres, socks, handbags, upholstered chairs… if it will hold soil, someone will think of putting plants in it.

This flowerbed from the Chatsworth Flower Show was along the jokey side of those lines. Lupins, foxgloves, geums and the odd delphinium filled to overflowing the inside of a white bed frame that was sweetly embellished with hearts.

The flowers looked far too perky for sleeping – some seemed more on the verge of clambering out – but I suppose as darkness fell and the crowds left, things could have changed.

Shared as part of Becky’s BrightSquares, which is aiming to brighten our April.

34 Replies to “BrightSquare: Flowerbed”

  1. What a sight to start a dreary week! Makes me want to find some odd container and plant something. (Realistically, the zinnia and coleus seeds I just bought and will put in very plain, tall black pots. Ah well.)

  2. I had a neighbor who planted into an old iron bedframe. I would love to have these particular flowers in bloom in my yard. They are ones I have tried and tried to grow. Just planted some lupine seeds yesterday to try again.

    1. They are a classic mix, not that this type of flowerbed is really classic! Good luck with the seeds. It always puzzles me how you add an e to lupin and we don’t. I can’t think of any other flower name that works that way. One of life’s little mysteries.

  3. That’s a great flowerbed! The occupants do look as if they’re ready for a night out instead though. (A pyjama party maybe? ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. what fun! I have a sink, whisky barrels, old watering cans and even an old bike which I put baskets on, but a bed – hmmm not sure I could manage that!!

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