Bright-eyed, Bushy-tailed and Bushy-footed

White dove with feathered feet

Well, you have to say it as it is, don’t you? While researching for this post, I learned something, as so often. I was wondering whether these are white doves or merely pigeons. What a difference a word makes.

I could hardly present pigeons for Easter, but doves would symbolise peace and so be perfect.

It transpires that doves and pigeons are the same thing: doves when their PR team have been in action, pigeons when they have not.

Elevated or not, these poor birds were more or less anxiously wondering whether flight would be their best option, reminding me that peace in our world has to be cautious. One (the penguin-looking one) has a blurred foot, so had presumably taken the decision to take off.

The dove with feathered feet was calmly, assertively holding its ground, its extra feathers having accorded it more confidence. Now we know what to do next time our self-confidence falters: we just need to pretend there are feathers hidden inside our socks.

Shared for Becky’s April Squares.

35 Replies to “Bright-eyed, Bushy-tailed and Bushy-footed”

  1. A delightful post, Susan. Just last week I was scrutinizing the lovely grey dove on my windowsill – just 5 feet away, only a pane of glass separating us – and thinking that with different colours, it could be a pigeon. Now I learn from you that they are from the very same family!
    I’m very fond of these doves (called mourning doves because of their low cooing sound) and the way they stick close to a mate, build their nest together, and take care of both the eggs and the babies together. I wonder if pigeons do the same.

    1. Pigeons have such beautiful colours when you see their feathers in sunlight. You’re right, pigeons do rear their young together and it is a big investment as it takes an unusually long time for pigeon squabs to fledge and fend for themselves.

  2. I could never understand why people persecute pigeons and call them vermin yet they like doves – same family, just a different colour. I like the feather footed one, he looks really cute 🙂

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