Bright-eyed, Bushy-tailed and Bushy-footed

White dove with feathered feet

Well, you have to say it as it is, don’t you? While researching for this post, I learned something, as so often. I was wondering whether these are white doves or merely pigeons. What a difference a word makes.

I could hardly present pigeons for Easter, but doves would symbolise peace and so be perfect.

It transpires that doves and pigeons are the same thing: doves when their PR team have been in action, pigeons when they have not.

Elevated or not, these poor birds were more or less anxiously wondering whether flight would be their best option, reminding me that peace in our world has to be cautious. One (the penguin-looking one) has a blurred foot, so had presumably taken the decision to take off.

The dove with feathered feet was calmly, assertively holding its ground, its extra feathers having accorded it more confidence. Now we know what to do next time our self-confidence falters: we just need to pretend there are feathers hidden inside our socks.

Shared for Becky’s April Squares.

35 Replies to “Bright-eyed, Bushy-tailed and Bushy-footed”

    1. The tickle might be part of their powers. You’re not feeling too confident, then an imaginary toe tickle brings you out in a broad grin. Your face lights up and the mood of the room changes…

  1. I knew that they were the same family. I’ve always assumed they were named for their size. Dove species tend to be smaller and “dainty” while Pigeons are larger. Compare the Wood Pigeon and Stock Dove found in Europe.

      1. I can believe it. Scientists are busily DNA testing everything and reclassifying species. A large proportion of my natural history photo archives now have incorrect captions due to a change of common English names and/or scientific names after being reclassified.

          1. It’s less important now that you submit to editors/publishers online. You can update the captions at the last minute. It would be a nightmare if you still mailed out slides with the captions written on the slide mount.

  2. What a perfect Easter post! Thank you! I love the idea of the PR people for the pigeons. And, yes, peace is fragile, but look at its beauty and bright eyes. And readiness to soar! Easter peace to you, Susan, and to a weary world.

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