ATX Public Art, Austin Texas

Whole Foods rainbow coloured atx logo in Austin

One of the most eye-catching bits of branding I’ve seen is on the corner of Fifth Street and North Lamar Boulevard, in Austin, Texas.

When its logo needed replacing, Whole Foods commissioned this rainbow striped public art by Ion Art. The confidence shown in exchanging the old concrete ‘Whole Foods Market’ lettering for ‘atx’,  presumably for Austin, Texas, has been amply repaid by a hundred thousand selfies (just my estimate).

The letters atx are stronger than they look, being formed from steel and aluminium slats decorated with high gloss colours.

People are encouraged to interact with the signage and have fun with it. Having had plenty of practice with zinnias and butterflies, I had enough patience to wait for the chance to take this personless picture.

Shared for Becky’s BrightSquares challenge.

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  1. ooh yes I like this – I haven’t been in a Whole Foods since I was in Pittsburgh, if I ever return I will definitely be popping there to see this. Or maybe I could see if the London one has changed, that might be easier!!!

    1. It’s the only place I’ve found where I can get a jar of the cheap supermarket-style instant coffee I prefer when I’m in Mississippi – not that it is exactly cheap over there at $9! 🙂

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