Life In Colour: A Green Journey

Metal bench under an arbour at Gresgarth Garden
Place for pondering at Gresgarth Garden

I often share a series of images taken in a particular garden, but today, I’m leading you through a succession of green landscapes. You’d need a week to explore them all in real life, to say nothing of the seasons, but while we can only travel virtually, why not make the best of it?

Garden with a ring of tulips at Colonial Williamsburg
Garden at Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia

Something formal, to get us off on the right foot, with an object lesson in how to shape and edge a lawn. I love the way the gnarled tree casts its shadow over the green and the tulips seem to nod towards it.

Leafy arbour at Powis Castle
Leafy arbour at Powis Castle, Wales

A covered walkway will help us to get the hang of imaginatively traversing from green to green – there’s no need to scan luggage or show travel documents for this trip.

Dorothy Clive garden in summer
Dorothy Clive garden, Shropshire

I’ll be offering a choice of resting places during our journey. The first is flanked by roses and foxgloves; the second is at a quirky little garden that deserves to be more widely known:

Seat with fern design at York Gate
Fern garden bench at York Gate, Leeds

If ever an area could be said to be busy with green, this is the one.

Feel free to linger – these places aren’t made for rushing around, and a virtual garden never closes its gates. Those who are itching to get on can take off into open countryside towards the wind farm on the crest of the hill…

Hen houses in Hoddlesden
Hen houses in Hoddlesden

or – especially recommended for people who have not had much chance for scrambling in a while – can climb here:

Rock garden
Scrambling area

Don’t go wild – we don’t want anyone to slip and turn an ankle or worse, and have to spend the rest of the journey in Accident & Emergency.

Looking out towards bracken from under an oak tree
A green thought

You might still be scrambling or rambling, but I need a rest. Peeping out under the canopy of an oak tree towards a stand of bracken lit by the dappled sunlight of woodland will suit me, or if that’s too impressionistic, try this:

Seating area at Turton Tower
More benches, more leafiness

Contrasting nature’s unbounded garden with a human-centric one – and finding them much the same – brought Andrew Marvell’s lines to mind:

Annihilating all that’s made
To a green thought in a green shade.

I’ll leave you with a link to Life in Colour which inspired this post and a hat tip to those of you who are celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day.

38 Replies to “Life In Colour: A Green Journey”

    1. It’s a little disconcerting moving from place to place when you know where they are – so far as greenery can be disconcerting, which on the scale of things is not much.

  1. A beautiful tranquil journey with you. I smiled at the place to ponder 😊 York Gate is a garden I would love to visit if I ever get up that way. Lots of soothing greens, but I’ll leave the scrambling to you and others 😍

  2. What invitations — from metal benches to that pile of cushions near the hens — I feel a strong urge to sit and not move for a long time. What beautiful calm in all these places. And yet…and yet…part of me, and not the sensible part, wants that scramble. I don’t think I can pick a favorite, but for pure joy of saying it, I’d pick Hen Houses in Hoddlesden.

      1. A lot of life seems to be about scrambling, especially now. Also I seem to be having considerable trouble with WordPress. I hope this goes through.

        1. It came through OK. WordPress are redoubling attempts to push us towards another seriously irritating ‘improvement’. My old wp-admin is still working though, is yours? I have been having some minor issues replying to comments.

          1. My wp-admin gets me to some new format, alas. But at least I’m able to access WordPress; for a few days I couldn’t even get into the blog. I’ve been trying to figure out what’s going on, but it’s been discouraging.

          2. I think have found the way. We have been given one more door to open. The link needs to have a little bit more added. I will resend.

  3. Many, many thanks for this delightful green tour. I went through twice and plan to go through again. I especially liked “busy with green.” Also a much-needed reminder that green is indeed a beautiful color.

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