29 Replies to “Wordless Wednesday: Bodnant Gardens, Wales”

  1. A very long time since I visited Bodnant. It is a lovely garden and full of different areas. I’d love to go back and see all the changes, but it is a long way from here.

  2. Oh, those buds! In that first photo, I love the lift and lightness of the buds. In an impossible way, their lightness seems a balance to the stately heft of the house. It’s a wonderful composition to my eye. That garden path is mind-boggling; it would take me a month just to walk that little section!

  3. Nice shots, especially the first one. I like Bodnant Gardens and have been a few times but it’s a while since – one on my list of ‘must visits’ once things are back to ‘normal’ 🙂

    1. I am always struck by how very green the grass seems in the neighbourhood as I approach the garden. I never know if it’s in my mind, a trick of the light or something about the land.

  4. Two lovely images. Bodnant Gardens is one of the few I have visited in Wales but it was ages ago. I remember it rained. I was never lucky on my trips to Wales, nearly always catching either heavy rainfalls or steady downpours!

    1. The first time I went I was a child and I don’t remember anything of the garden, just the hillside around the car park.

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