Up The Garden Path

A Place To Think show garden
A Place To Think show garden

I’m sharing a dozen garden paths we can imagine strolling up as (almost) a final hurrah for Becky’s January Squares.

They include angular paths and curved ones, wide and narrow paths, dominant ones and paths so unassuming we barely notice they’re there, in quite a range of materials, too. I’ll let the pictures do the talking:

Pool garden at Parcevall Hall gardens
Pool at Parcevall Hall and Garden
Colonial Williamsburg garden path
Colonial Williamsburg garden path
Chatsworth House kitchen garden
Chatsworth House kitchen and cutting garden
Final5 Retreat garden
Final5 Retreat garden
Darwen garden with pergola
Darwen garden
Topiary at East Ruston garden
Topiary in pots at East Ruston garden
At One garden by Will Williams
At One garden by Will Williams
Swiss vegetable garden
Swiss vegetable garden
Overhead view of Powis Castle gardens
Powis Castle gardens
Suzie Cranston's Birdhouse Garden
Suzie Cranston’s Birdhouse Garden
Paths at the Antique Rose Emporium
Antique Rose Emporium at night

After looking through these sunny scenes, I’m going to wrap up well, brace myself, and go out for my government-allocated exercise in a very windy Darwen. I hope the weather is more balmy where you are!

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  1. What an exercise in focus! I tried to look at just the path in each image, but I couldn’t do it. The path gathers in everything around it. All of them are a wonderful escape from the ominous skies creeping up on us here in Indiana, but I think I would most especially like to be meandering on that path at Parcevall Hall. It seems so softened by curves and fluffy herbs that I find it very comfy despite its grandness. It sounds nasty there in Darwen. I hope the walk wasn’t too brutal.

    1. You made a good choice with Parcevall Hall. I recollect having to navigate a few narrow country roads to get there. Thanks for the sympathy, although I may have got it under false pretences. It never seems quite as bad when you actually brave it.

  2. oh, I do like “At One garden by Will Williams” — I can just imagine meandering along the path, stopping here and there to peer more closely, and then relaxing onto that inviting seating.

    1. I’m glad you could imagine yourself walking through it. That one was a prize winning garden and a few people have picked it out here.

  3. What a fantastic range of styles you’ve found. This is a lovely – and fascinating – gallery. I bet you’re huddled round a fire as you read this, with tea and crumpets, after the walk you’ll have had.

      1. They do not! I was brought up in a house where hot cross buns couldn’t be eaten before Good Friday. I’m no longer quite such a purist, but there is a small voice inside me saying ‘Not Allowed!’

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