SquareUp: Sempervivum in a Cage of Rocks

Sempervivum in a cage of rocks

Just a quickie today: I’m bidding farewell to another fine month of squares, with a caged up succulent. I never look at this picture without wondering if the sempervivum is rooted or balanced there.

Thanks as always for being a wonderful host, Becky!

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        1. They die after flowering, I believe, so I was speculating that the idea of their being ever living was a reference to their ample supply of offsets – the chicks from the folk name – so the plant is alive through its chicks. That might be an illustration of the greatest enemy of knowledge, though…

    1. Nobody so far commented on the little stone face in the top left. I was sure someone would! I think there might be another one next to it.

  1. Nice! We bought a plummy dark-skinned variant of this the other day. It sits atop the patio table at present. Bye for now! Have a good week 🙂 🙂

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