Hydrangeas In Winter

Blue Hydrangea in the snow

It snowed again overnight. Flakes falling silently outside my window as I write make the world look enchanted, but I’m more inclined to keep warm with a cup of coffee than to venture out. Instead, I’ve dug out these pictures from the first snowfall we had at the start of winter, before the hydrangea flowers all gave up the ghost and turned brown.

The blue hydrangea is for Becky’s SquareUp as the snow is trying to cover up the mopheads.

Red hydrangea with a sprinkling of snow

The pinky red hydrangea is for Cee’s Flower of the Day.

2020 was the Year of the Hydrangea (though I imagine the hydrangea might have preferred a different one, given a choice). In honour of the accolade, I shared this gallery of Hydrangeas in various colours.  For 2021, the same organisation is celebrating hardy Hibiscus, the garden bean, Hyacinth, Mondarda and sunflower.

49 Replies to “Hydrangeas In Winter”

    1. The only major disappointment I’ve had from a hydrangea – other than ones I have pruned all the heads off by mistake – is the leaves. We tried them once in some floristry designs and they almost immediately wilted and looked terrible. It was not a kindness from the wholesaler to offer them.

  1. That pinky-red in the snow is wonderful. It looks almost festive even though it must be shivering. I enjoyed the look-back through the hydrangea gallery — what beauties! So last year was the year of the hydrangea. In honor of that, two of mine didn’t bloom. I think they didn’t want any part of 2020. I’m sure you’re right that they’d have opted out if they could have. (We all would have!)

      1. I think it’s possible you bloomed better than you think. We aren’t able to judge ourselves very well at this point. At least that’s my not-so-humble opinion.

  2. I confess to enjoying the dried, brown hydrangea bloom as much as the colored. It’s the structure that appeals. On the other hand, I don’t remember ever seeing them in snow, colored or not, and these are delightful.

  3. Glad it wasn’t wordless Wednesday and that you were able to give an explanation to how your hydrangeas were still in bloom in January! I had a moment of disbelief before I read your mini-post. Lovely flowers, captured at a perfect moment. I’ve never seen hydrangeas in the snow before.

  4. Those look icy and enchanting! And, yes, when it’s cold and frosty, the temptation is to inside with a mug of something warm to drink. Even for this Mainer. 😉

    1. They always do. They pick an annual, bulb, edible etc. I dare say there is a long queue of plant marketeers hoping their treasures will be celebrated. I haven’t seen it done in the UK quite the same way. I can’t see there being a consensus.

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