Garden Art: Tall Birds

Pink flamingo made of metal

This pink flamingo is up so high on metal legs that I had to crop the bottom part of them off to make my picture square for Becky. (Trust me, it’s better to see extra foliage than extra gravel.)

Metal birds, one with a hooked nose

We’ve been in lockdown too long: it’s easy to read the look on the pink bird’s face as appealing for support or sympathy because of the one at the back that loftily has its nose up. A clear example of air sneck (an explanation is here).

Yellow necked metal bird with orange beak

Finally, a yellow necked metal bird that is up close to the tree.  Pretty bark too! I found them all in the garden shop at Kew Gardens.

I’m sharing these for Becky’s SquareUp challenge.

49 Replies to “Garden Art: Tall Birds”

  1. I love this and it brings back so many memories! A gardening friend always tells me that I should have pink flamingos in my Long Island garden and we have an ongoing thing about it. It’s makes me smile every time the conversation comes up and I even wrote about it in my third book. Your figurines are really lovely.

    1. I’m glad to have brought back memories. You’ve reminded me that my sweetheart is always threatening to sneak a bottle tree into my mum’s garden – not that it would last long if he did.

  2. I’d like those birds to fly right into my Maine garden. All right, maybe not exactly now but rather this spring. 😉 I really enjoyed your explanation of air sneck. A great way of handling the inevitable quarrels that arise between couples.

  3. (S)he’s a cheerful looking bird anyway, and the colour pink is always lovely in a garden.

    1. There is a clip of pink flamingos from one of the BBC Earth programmes that fascinates me – so many of them, and such strange movements in unison.

  4. This is wonderful! I agree the bird in the background above has mastered the sneck technique (snecknique?) but what I couldn’t miss at first was the look on the flamingo in the foreground because I have that look a lot. It’s the uh-oh look, as in uh-oh-what-was-that? I’ve never had so much in common with a flamingo before. Thanks for picking my morning UP.

    1. I did. We were on our way to the Hampton Court Flower Show so did not want to be encumbered. My sweetheart is the one most likely to be tempted but he already has a fancy, bejewelled one and several plastic ones that have fallen over in a corner (with bird flu as he puts it, though that no longer seems quite as funny).

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