Garden Art: Tall Birds

Pink flamingo made of metal

This pink flamingo is up so high on metal legs that I had to crop the bottom part of them off to make my picture square for Becky. (Trust me, it’s better to see extra foliage than extra gravel.)

Metal birds, one with a hooked nose

We’ve been in lockdown too long: it’s easy to read the look on the pink bird’s face as appealing for support or sympathy because of the one at the back that loftily has its nose up. A clear example of air sneck (an explanation is here).

Yellow necked metal bird with orange beak

Finally, a yellow necked metal bird that is up close to the tree.  Pretty bark too! I found them all in the garden shop at Kew Gardens.

I’m sharing these for Becky’s SquareUp challenge.

49 Replies to “Garden Art: Tall Birds”

  1. Quirky set of birds and I DO like the texture of the bark in your last photo. Sneck must be a Lancashire term, I don’t recollect it from my Yorkshire roots.

    1. The dictionaries in which I found snetch included define it as ‘a latch’. Of those dictionaries, only Wiktionary adds the ‘nose’ sense. My conjecture is that the way certain latches protrude reminded people of the way a nose protrudes.

      1. The spell check doesn’t approve of sneck either. You are right – our locks used to have a sliding thing next to them that could fasten the bolt open or closed, so you might be asked to check if the sneck was down.

    2. There’s a surprising variation of words over a geographically small distance, for some things more than others and I suspect many words from my era may not be commonplace with younger people.

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