Uplifting Erigeron

Erigeron - cluster of purple daisies with yellow centres

I wanted to share something cheery for Becky’s January Squares. Goodness knows we’re in need of it. These erigerons are all looking up, providing a flat landing spot for pollinators. I wonder if insects spend any time wondering which to land on first or just plop down on the nearest? They often seem to circle before making their choice.

Bloggers have a similar quandary as there are so many tempting blogging challenges around at the moment and although it’s impossible to take part in them all, I’ve been enjoying seeing the submissions in my Reader.

That’s no reason to neglect an old favourite, so I’m also linking to Cee’s Flower of the Day. Cee maintains a list of current blogging challenges on her blog if you’re looking for something to join in with.

And I promise to dig out some browns to support HeyJude’s Colour challenge soon.

29 Replies to “Uplifting Erigeron”

  1. Very uplifting Susan
    And you are so right about the challenge and how we cannot do them all! Ahhh – was glad to read that because I am lured at times but need to stay realistic – haha

  2. I think that, if I were a pollinator, I’d just keep circling, afraid of being electrocuted. That is one high-voltage color! Very bracing indeed — thank you!

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