Dry Stone Wall At Christmas

Red Christmas baubles hung on a dry stone wall

Wishing a very merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates it, and a happy day to everyone else.

It’s clear and frosty here, as if nature has silvered every surface in celebration. Other parts of the UK woke up to find the outdoors gift-wrapped in an artistic smattering of snow.

This year is different. It is hard to feel unmixed joy, but perhaps all joy has a poignant character we usually don’t notice.

My thoughts are with every reader who has to provide their own cheeriness today when they would usually be with someone they love; everyone who lost someone during 2020 or is worried; everyone spending time away from their own loved ones so they can look after other people’s.

If wishes and hopes can help, I’m sending a heaping of them.

And, as love helps the world go round, a hat tip to those who can pick out a white heart on the stones.


57 Replies to “Dry Stone Wall At Christmas”

  1. Lovely message, Susan.
    Hope you and your loved ones have a peaceful and safe festive season………Vicki x

  2. Lovely sentiments, Susan, with so many folks in upended lives right now. We are about to have our coldest night of the year, well below freezing, but are warmed by many blessings. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and joy finding more hidden hearts!

  3. I see the heart Susan although I wouldn’t have if you hadn’t mentioned. I absolutely love your message today, which helped me get past being sad. Thank you from MY heart to yours.

  4. I believe I can, it’s at, as it were, three o’clock. I echo your hopes and good wishes for everyone and hope you too had a day that brought pleasures of a kind. Onwards and upwards!

    1. I suppose that would depend where the centre is, but I believe you’ve got it. We had as nice a day as I could have hoped for in the circumstances, thank you.

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