Dry Stone Wall At Christmas

Red Christmas baubles hung on a dry stone wall

Wishing a very merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates it, and a happy day to everyone else.

It’s clear and frosty here, as if nature has silvered every surface in celebration. Other parts of the UK woke up to find the outdoors gift-wrapped in an artistic smattering of snow.

This year is different. It is hard to feel unmixed joy, but perhaps all joy has a poignant character we usually don’t notice.

My thoughts are with every reader who has to provide their own cheeriness today when they would usually be with someone they love; everyone who lost someone during 2020 or is worried; everyone spending time away from their own loved ones so they can look after other people’s.

If wishes and hopes can help, I’m sending a heaping of them.

And, as love helps the world go round, a hat tip to those who can pick out a white heart on the stones.


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  1. Cloudy and snowing here. We’ve been under a special weather statement for days because of the amount of snow we could get. Environment Canada added a snow squall watch to the alerts and warnings this morning.

    1. I hope you weren’t inconvenienced by it. You are usually much better prepared for snow than we are. We have Storm Bella here this evening – she is rattling at the door as I write.

      1. Soon after I posted the comment the alerts and warnings were changed. We’ve been under a snow squall warning for 32 hours and it’s been snowing for 36 hours.

          1. A snow squall is an intense band of snow that can cause whiteouts. The snowfall can be measured in inches per hour but the snow can be very localised. We’ve had about 12 inches but there could be 6 inches or 24 inches five minutes away.

  2. What a beautiful post! The heart is in your words too. It’s hard to balance this year, what with the happiness that is supposed to come with Christmas but the grief over the globe. Yes, too many people making their own Christmas cheer, and that’s hard. I love this wall, its apparent age, its spirit of festivity no matter what, and, of course, its heart. Merry Christmas in spite of everything, Susan! p.s. A toasty 10 degrees here in Indiana. Icy with a touch of white.

    1. Thank you! Let’s hope that cheeriness-making is like a muscle that benefits from the stretching. It is hard to be sure how old the wall is, but at least we can feel confident that the stone is ancient. I was quite surprised to discover this one in finery.

  3. I noticed the heart before you spoke of it, and isn’t that just the way? When someone’s heart is in their words and actions, that’s often noticed without words, as well. Your post is perfect for the day, and I hope your holiday has its own sort of perfection.

  4. What a beautiful post, Susan. We woke to snow light this morning as we got a dusting in the early hours. It is still snowing a very fine snow. Blessings to you.

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