Dahlia ‘Louise’ (Dahlietta Surprise Series)

Dahlia 'Louise' - pink flowers with white edge
Dahlia ‘Louise’

I’m not sure of the surprise in this series of dahlias, but I can imagine a few people being taken aback when the pink picotee dahlia they bought appears to be cream.

Dahlia ‘Louise’ is another of those chameleon plants bearing flowers that change from one colour to an entirely different one. As the creamy buds open to full rosettes, the petals gradually pinken. (Spell check is adamant that ‘pinken’ is not a word, but I’m overruling it.)  When fully mature, each petal is bright pink with just a white edge to remind us of the transformation.

Shared for Cee’s Flower of the Day.



WordPress recently emailed to say that they were going to drop my chosen font, Calluna Sans, and replace it with Lato. True to their word, they have done it. The difference is subtle, as is often the case with fonts, but for me it makes the non-italic text chunky, less characterful and less easy to read. I’ll try to find an alternative that meets their approval.

If you are browsing via the Reader, you don’t see my design anyway, but the prescribed WordPress version. My imposed font is another small disappointment: not worth gnashing my teeth over, but one more in a series of irritating drip, drip, drips. 

While I’m in complaining mode, I’ll just add a warning for anyone who receives the same message as me from ‘Bernard Max’, who wrote today to say he wants to buy my artwork because of the contrast of colours. Luckily common sense told me (1) I don’t have any artwork and (2) people are not likely to buy my recommendation of ‘a few completed original piece’ (stet) without even specifying which ones they want. An internet search revealed more than I really wanted to know about this scammer’s methods of extracting contact and bank details from unwary artists. ‘Bernard Max’ uses several different names.

47 Replies to “Dahlia ‘Louise’ (Dahlietta Surprise Series)”

  1. What phenomenal flowers Susan! They don’t even look real, they’re so beautiful. You always have such gorgeous flower photos. It’s always a treat to see them.

      1. I’m grumbling about Word Press too, silently so far. If you know of any way to get through to them, I’d like to know. I struggle for hours, days, with each post lately trying to do what was so simple before the horrific block editor emerged. I have no need for most of the things offered. I want simple back as I’m sure many others do. Thanks for letting me vent.

        1. I’m so sorry, Judith. I always go through the help to contact a Happiness Engineer, and have found them kind and patient. I don’t think we have much chance of changing minds about the editing system.

          I am still using the classic editor, which is freely available, just well hidden. If you’ve been used to the in-between editor, which has been discontinued, your best option will no doubt be to push through the pain barrier. I know several people who have reluctantly taken the plunge with the new editor and are now happy with it. My main issue is that many of the effects you can create with the latest system do not appear to great advantage in WordPress’s own Reader.

  2. I love dahlias, but just don’t have a location where they grow well. These are beautiful. Also, good warning. Scammers are really nefarious.

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