Friday Flowers, Mississippi Style

Flower arrangement with beautyberry, goldenrod, roses

Goldenrod, callicarpa (beautyberry), vitex (chaste flower), Celosia cristata (cockscomb), roses and African blue basil give a flavour of Jenny Nelson’s Mississippi garden.

Shared thinking of those having to fight, fear or flee one of many wildfires in our changing climate. Several people I know here on WordPress are threatened, or have recently suffered fires and smoky conditions, including Cee Neuner who today set out on a long drive to safety with her sister. I hope everyone stays safe and that rain will come.

21 Replies to “Friday Flowers, Mississippi Style”

  1. I am so sorry for Cee and for the other bloggers and all others who are threatened. I had that experience when I lived in CA and, as I inched along with thousands of other cars and watched that carnivorous-looking sky coming at me in the rear view mirror, with my papers and old Christmas ornaments in the back seat, I could barely breathe — not from the smoke but from fear. The fires were stopped just a couple miles from my home. I was lucky, and I hope Cee will be also.

    Your Mississippi flowers bring much-needed cheer. Is the African blue basil the one that looks like salvia? Thanks for the bouquet!

    1. Yes, the African basil are the blue spikes. What a scary experience. I can imagine how the things you end up fleeing with are not the things you might have predicted. I’m glad your home was spared and share your hope Cee will be lucky too.

  2. That’s a beautiful floral arrangement.
    It’s hard to watch news reports of the fires, I can barely imagine the fear of those in areas affected.

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