Rudbeckia ‘Giggling’

Rudbeckia 'Giggling' - yellow flower with burgundy markings

Rudbeckia ‘Giggling’ (looking sunny against a drift of white Gaura) is richly coloured, fast growing and short. I noticed that Walter Blom Plants have listed it as one of their Temperennials, a coinage, in their words, ‘to warn you that they cannot be left cold and wet through the winter’.

‘Giggling’ is one of a collection of rudbeckias with cheerful names such as ‘Brilliant’, ‘Glowing’, ‘Loving’ and ‘Happy’, released under the trademarked name SmileyZ. Noting that we could all do with a little more happiness, I have told myself that the instant dislike I took to the name SmileyZ was unnecessarily Grinchish. You can see the collection on the AB-Cultivars website.

Now our only other concern is whether the rudbeckia appears to be giggling. It looks a little hearty for that. Chortling, perhaps?

Shared for Cee’s Flower of the Day.

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  1. That variety of Rudbeckia is lovely and I like the square framing. but as Linda says, the name…….

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