Turquoise Door With Yellow Loosestrife

Old turquoise doorway surrounded by ferns and plants

Four vigorous plants, growing together in a little, rock-edged garden without too much care (at a guess): a fern, Alchemilla mollis, Lysimachia punctata and Crocosmia.

Darwen’s moist climate has washed the door almost back to wood, while the window has been blocked in more than once.

Yellow loosestrife

It’s a happy eye that sees the beauty in semi-wild flowers around a weather-beaten door. I’d be sorry to go by and see it had been restored, although I’m sure that turquoise was someone’s pride and joy when it was newly painted.

Lysimachia punctata (yellow loosestrife)

Yellow loosestrife (Lysimachia punctata) will spread or escape, given half a chance, so can be found growing wild as often as cultivated in a garden, but how beautiful it is in season. The plants are sturdy, and upright with no need for staking, each stem packed with starry yellow flowers. The petals are held with flair, each graced by a little twist at the point.

Loosestrife is always in flower for me. Out of season, when I go past a patch, my mind adds in the yellow.

Inspired by Norm’s Thursday Doors.

31 Replies to “Turquoise Door With Yellow Loosestrife”

    1. Thanks, Laurie. Even though I always see it in bloom at some level, the real flowers are always better than the remembered ones.

  1. “Flair” is the exact right word. That whole patch of yellow is flair to that little vignette. I suspect you are accustomed to those ancient stones but to me they are of another world. The washed-out paint, the blackened stones seem done and weary, but they fit so beautifully into the greenery that it all becomes timeless. A lovely image.

    1. Accustomed, yes, but stone is still a pleasure. The little column of brick amuses me. It’s out of place, yet perfectly fitting, given the patchwork.

  2. Beautiful photos. My daughter has a great big patch of Yellow Loosestrife in her garden, it’s gorgeous and I’ve seen it growing wild here in Ireland in a few places.

  3. A lovely shot. I like the door especially. As for the loosestrife it is not so sturdy in my garden! Gets flattened by the wind and rain!

    1. We get our fair share of rain here. Perhaps it does better in sheltered places, out of the wind. I’ll have to look out for that.

  4. What a lovely post and images. I am also drawn to weather-worn doors (and gates) in old gardens.

    Being such a ‘young’ country, we don’t have so many in Australia.

    Loosestrife is such a beautiful plant and flower too.

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