Salvia sclarea var. turkestanica at Rosemoor (and a Rant)

Salvia sclera var turkestanica at Rosemoor

Clary sage is a biennial or short lived perennial. Showy white flowers, with pink bracts and lavender hoods tower above the leaves.

Salvia sclarea var turkestanica

The plant has an excitable look to me, as if it is holding out a whole series of arms to claim our attention, as well it might.

Salvia sclarea var turkestanica at Rosemoor

Need I say this post was prompted by the final day of Becky’s SquarePerspectives? I do wish this particular perspective of Rosemoor’s lovely garden was within reach of my doorstep. I may be living under a beautiful blue sky today, but I was shocked to note how many leaves had browned and fallen yesterday. Autumn approaches.

If you just want to pleasantly dream about walking in this garden, stop reading now with my blessing. 

Further steps have been taken in parts of Northern England to prevent Covid-19 from coming back in force as it was obviously set to do. Announced on yesterday’s late night news (just as Eid started) to come into force at midnight, I found it depressing. Very late, in my opinion, and announced carelessly. These things matter.

Still wide awake, intent on knowing exactly what the government was saying and prepared to do some digging, I could only gather the gist of the instructions. Northerners, it seems, don’t need any details. Details are wasted on us – so much so that the government had been telling us for over 3 months that our infection rate was relatively low, then suddenly tripled it on the official website at the start of July when pillar 2 testing (tests carried out by contractors) was added in. It’s easy to criticise, but what the heck? Our local director of public heath didn’t even know.

Today the government’s message is clearer but full of holes. Just one instance: we can go to pubs without mixing with other households. That might work in London, but have these people spent time in a northern pub? When has six feet prevented a northerner from mixing with other households? Meanwhile, the law is to be enforced by local police, 22 of whom have been told to quarantine because 9 of them went to a retirement party where someone later tested positive. You couldn’t make it up.

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    1. Thanks, Derrick. You too! I am happy some action is being taken but was so shocked about the way it was communicated. The papers today are reporting they had taken the decision by 5 o’clock.

      Communication isn’t rocket science, though people make large incomes pretending it is. It’s common sense, thoughtfulness, a knack for combining words and a willingness to check whether you’ve been understood. Surely they must have someone who fits the description and is willing to take a call in a national emergency and tell them if what they were planning to say made any sense? I dare say they would soon have 10,000 volunteers if they were to ask: I am more than happy for them to call me, and I feel sure you’d say the same.

  1. Oh, gosh! You have every right to rant. Sigh. My husband and I, both at risk, will pretty much be staying home until there is a vaccine. Sigh. We figure better safe than sorry.

  2. Our Government has been sending mixed messages too. But now, with surging numbers, we go into a curfew 8.00pm to 5.00am as of this week(?)….i missed most of the news, hence the hesitation.

    Stay safe Susan. I can well imagine the confusion with pubs and social distancing. I think you deserve a rant at that.

    I think our funniest one is that ‘runners’ don’t have to wear masks. With all their huffing and puffing, wouldn’t you think they’ll exhale much more than a walker?

  3. Your government has done an awful job on the pandemic, but nearly as bad as ours. So there’s that. Over here at least we have had some competent leadership at the state level. Be careful and stay as safe as you can.

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