Gallery of White Flowers

Crinum americanum (swamp lily)
Crinum americanum (swamp lily)

White magnolia
White hydrangea
Physocarpus opulifolius (ninebark) with chocolate foliage
Physocarpus opulifolius (ninebark)
White agapanthus with violet blue on the outer side
White clematis
White epimedium with dark edged leaves
White peony with golden stamens

Every now and again I share a gallery of flowers linked only by their colour.

All except one are squares: Becky’s squarers may have spotted which it is after almost another month of squaring up. The Agapanthus in particular is viewed from many different perspectives and in all stages from bud to fading bloom.

I’m not sure whether the peony gains or loses from being cropped square, but decided to keep the background blooms. I wish there had been a bloom to fill the gap between, but that’s just being greedy.

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  1. Physicists tell us that white isn’t technically a color but rather the combination of all visible colors. While we may know that intellectually, we still react to white as a color, and you’ve done an excellent job promoting it here.

    1. I have heard the science but am hazy about how that could be – blue, for example, being the only light that is not absorbed in a blue object, and so is reflected back to us. White objects must not absorb any colour, while black ones absorb them all.

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