50 Replies to “Square Perspectives: A Passion Flower”

  1. I definitely prefer the portrait shape of the picture, the flower could be some sea creature, all the textures are so sumptuous. The anthers have little padded feet!

  2. Square! I think that the circular shapes of the different parts of the flower suits the square frame well. Lovely capture.

  3. Definitely the square, to complement the roundness of the flower. That flower, if any flower was a pure representation of sex, that is it. (All flowers are all about sex, right? That’s their whole purpose.)

  4. They both look very similar and I have no preference at all (which is unusual for me).
    Passionfruit flowers are complex shapes and compositions and always interesting to view.

    1. There’s not much between them, I agree, but I almost always prefer a portrait shot of a flower, no matter what the flower.

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