50 Replies to “Square Perspectives: A Passion Flower”

      1. I needed to have approached the square one directly on for you and me both, but I needed to keep something massively distracting largely out of shot.

  1. I’d like the first, but it doesn’t feel square because of the off-centeredness (is that a word?), which I like better in the portrait.

    1. I liked the outer petals and was not convinced the shot was sharp enough to crop tightly. It’s such a deep structural flower that I decided to have more of it roughtly in focus rather than heving any one bit truly sharp. I am still feeling amazed by your turquoise flower.

  2. Square. Makes that very showy flower pop even more. Fun to see them side by side. I’ve been playing around with the square vs. rectangle cropping, and some shorts really do look better with rectangular frame. For others, it’s the square. Fascinating!

    1. Some pictures really don’t like being cropped square at all. I think there should be a day after the month ends where we are encouraged to share all the ones we couldn’t bear to crop.

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