Peony Poppies With Double Flowers

Papaver somniferum double

These poppies could almost be an addition to my perennially popular post about the similarity of double roses, camellias and peonies

Double poppy purple

Technically Papaver somniferum, these ornamental annuals are often sold as seed strains under the name ‘peony poppies’, and are available in a decent range of colours. ‘Black’ forms are rich, dark purples, as so often with flowers.

Papaver double

My final shot today is of a double pink poppy with fringed petals not unlike like the lockdown haircuts many people are sporting, if we set aside the colour. Nice to see a plant showing solidarity with us humans!

Shared as part of Cee’s Flower of the Day.

43 Replies to “Peony Poppies With Double Flowers”

  1. When do they bloom? If they are an annual and bloom in early summer, they would fill in where I like to grow zennias for late summer. Having annual poppies solves the messy foliage after perennials bloom.

  2. I love them. You never know where they will pop up or what colour they will be. A lovely lilac double one has appeared on my compost heap.

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