An Inspection Of Campanulas

Campanula flowers

Posting this picture, I so sorely felt the need for more collective nouns for flowers that I was forced to invent one. ‘A tumble’ was my first thought, but then I remembered that the best collective nouns are more quirky.

As they all seemed to be looking in different directions, I chose ‘an inspection’, but it could just as easily have been ‘an introspection’. You might have a better idea – if so let me know!

The colour is not true to life – too purple – but I liked the petals’ iridescence and the way light is falling.

Shared for Cee’s Flower of the Day.

30 Replies to “An Inspection Of Campanulas”

  1. I love campanula! Ours are flowering too (SW England). Introspection is a great collective noun. I also think perhaps a “flourish” would work… But now that you have posed this question, my writing brain will be beavering away at this!!

    1. Perhaps this is why there are so many collective nouns for the same thing. I wonder if there was a time when they were invented – a kind of literary craze?

  2. I love Campanulas, but they don’t love me back. They’ve never really taken to my garden. My favorite are the white peach-leaved bellflowers – C. persicifolia.

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