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    1. I can imagine a few sociable gatherings outside on the evenings when the flowers open – humans and pollinators. My sweetheart talks about being made to sit up and wait for night blooming cereus to flower as a boy, then do it all again the next day when they didn’t oblige!

  1. I’m trying to grow some of those indoors in Northern Britain. Lovely red flowers eventually. Look forward to your’s flowering, please post a picture.

    1. Good luck! I’m in your neck of the woods too, relatively speaking. I took the picture in California, not far from the Huntington Botanical Gardens.

  2. I’m imagining what it must feel like to wait for those blossoms in the evening, especially wrapped in them, like on this patio. Wow.

    1. That’s a good question. They were certainly trained like them. I believe they were night blooming cereus – their stems have a slightly flatter profile. It would be easier to tell if they were fruiting!

      1. Ahhh… so it is an Epiphyllum. We have several of these plants… and some have even produced the small red ball shaped fruits. We were able to harvest 1 time only and they are actually good. Not sure why the fruit is so fragile… but most times they fall off before ready to harvest. The flowers are just beautiful and quite interesting. We have our plants in hanging baskets… although since our move… not all have been hung.

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