The Big Reveal For July Squares

Sea Pink written in colour on a square stone
Sea Pink by Ian Hamilton Finlay

I’ve been waiting to find out what Becky’s prompt will be for JulySquares, a daily challenge that will run for a month from 1st July. We are all welcome to drop in and out if daily posting is too much – whatever suits our style of blogging. In any case, most of the fun will be in seeing what everyone else has to share.

It isn’t easy being green squarers out of season, so Becky’s been giving hints to help fill the gap. I’m a little resistant to cropping square and from her hints, I was fearing that the topic would be the type of pictures I particularly don’t like to crop square. Long or tall subjects. Views. Towers. Hollyhocks.

I called over to her blog several times to quench my curiosity yesterday, including just before I went to bed last night. Nothing. No announcement. Today all is revealed, and to give Becky her propers, I couldn’t be happier.

The topic will likely prompt some interesting ideas or explanations to go with the pictures. With a little ingenuity, I would contend that any picture you can crop square will qualify.

I always think the best challenge topics are the ones that allow the widest scope for interpretation. They’re inclusive because we all have something we can share if we choose and interesting because everyone naturally takes a different line and reveals something about their character.

I’m not going to reveal the topic here or go over the few rules – for that you’ll need to visit the lady herself, but I couldn’t resist adding a picture as an extra clue. It isn’t cropped square because the challenge hasn’t started yet. I took one in composing it. I could let you have mine on it, or invite you to share yours. We don’t need to think too hard: we could find the picture or the artwork visually interesting (or not) without taking one.

Over to Becky!

Sea Pink was photographed at Ian Hamilton Finlay’s sculpture garden, Little Sparta.

17 Replies to “The Big Reveal For July Squares”

  1. I quite frequently crop square. My husband started me down that road. It all depends on the shot. Anyway, look forward to seeing what you come up with.

      1. Many thanks! “The only absolute rule is that your main photograph must be square in shape.” I can handle that. I’m thinking a theme for me could be “My Square Yard.” Nowadays, I seldom venture far. Just might take my mind off covid-19. And politics. And…well, you get the idea.

      1. I’ve got a plan. I’ve begun tucking photos in my “Square” file. A real mood booster for July as all our summer activities have been cancelled, including visits from the kids.

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