White Clematis Growing Around A Doorway

Clematis forming a heart shape round the door of a stone terraced house

One of the things about walking close to home is you see new things – this beautiful, white clematis, for example, growing almost in a heart shape around the entrance to a stone-built terraced house. Many a wedding venue would love to have a photo op like this!

White clematis

I dashed across the street to take a closer look and was amazed by its perfection. Every bloom looked silky, uniformly open. Together they were smothering the whole plant, with only a few leaves and stick-like woody bits showing at the base.

Suddenly suspicious, I started to question whether I was (silently) going into raptures over a fake, fabric plant, hung to brighten up the doorway.

Silky white clematis flowers with yellow stamens

A close look reveals one bud lagging behind its sisters, and signs of the odd flower going past its prime, but at the time I was almost convinced it wasn’t real. Some scruple prevented me grabbing hold of a petal to check.

Spotting a family enjoying some sun across the street, I called over and made enquiries of them. They assured me it was real – they’d seen their neighbour pruning it. Mystery solved!

Clematis smothered with white flowers

We hear about people wanting roses round the door as a sign of domestic bliss, but a clematis like this makes a strong play for the same spot.

63 Replies to “White Clematis Growing Around A Doorway”

    1. It is up rather a big hill, so I don’t pass that way often, but I’d be interested to know how long the flowers last.

  1. What an emotional rollercoaster reading this post! First I was elated to see such a magnificent clematis. Then my spirit was dashed when I read it might be artificial. Finally, triumph! The plant is not artificial. Phew. I am exhausted.

    1. To exactly recreate my feeling, all you need to add is a moment or two trying to guess if you got a good enough picture or really ought to go back and take a few more under lockdown, lingering outside someone else’s house… while you’re up the hill…

  2. Wow. And I like the wire basket holder attached to the wall down the way a bit. This sort of thing–the almost perfect plant, always makes me recall the main character in More Die of Heartbreak by Saul Bellow. He was not allowed in his wife’s office, but admired a blossoming azalea she had and how it stayed so perfect, never dropped leaves. Finally he snuck in one day and found it was silk. Glad the clematis was real!!

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