White Clematis Growing Around A Doorway

Clematis forming a heart shape round the door of a stone terraced house

One of the things about walking close to home is you see new things – this beautiful, white clematis, for example, growing almost in a heart shape around the entrance to a stone-built terraced house. Many a wedding venue would love to have a photo op like this!

White clematis

I dashed across the street to take a closer look and was amazed by its perfection. Every bloom looked silky, uniformly open. Together they were smothering the whole plant, with only a few leaves and stick-like woody bits showing at the base.

Suddenly suspicious, I started to question whether I was (silently) going into raptures over a fake, fabric plant, hung to brighten up the doorway.

Silky white clematis flowers with yellow stamens

A close look reveals one bud lagging behind its sisters, and signs of the odd flower going past its prime, but at the time I was almost convinced it wasn’t real. Some scruple prevented me grabbing hold of a petal to check.

Spotting a family enjoying some sun across the street, I called over and made enquiries of them. They assured me it was real – they’d seen their neighbour pruning it. Mystery solved!

Clematis smothered with white flowers

We hear about people wanting roses round the door as a sign of domestic bliss, but a clematis like this makes a strong play for the same spot.

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  1. Thank you many times! This qualifies as one of those that border on dream. The old stone, that white cloud around the door — and is that lavender trying to reach up to the clematis? It too wants to touch it to see if it’s real. The whole of it is a rare vignette. I am ever awed by the charm people can create in a small space. What a find!

  2. My first impulse was to doubt that it was real. It really is jaw-droppingly awesome (and as a rule, I don’t use that word).

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