Gallery Of Yellow Flowers

Tecoma stans - bright yellow trumpet flowers
Tecoma stans

Well, what can I say about yellow flowers? I think I’m safe to leave them to speak for themselves.

Yellow flowers around a split rail fence
Rudbeckia and goldenrod
Yellow gorse - pea-like flowers
Yellow gorse
Chrysanthemum 'Archie Harrison'
Chrysanthemum ‘Archie Harrison’
All-yellow miniature daffodil
Dwarf narcissus
Yellow iris
Yellow iris
Yellow hibiscus with white centre
Yellow hibiscus
Alcea rosea 'Banana' - double yellow hollyhock
Alcea rosea ‘Banana’ (double hollyhock)

Shared for this week’s Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: Yellow.

Yellow is such an uplifting colour, I couldn’t resist joining in when I started to see sunshine colours lighting up my Reader. The challenge runs for a week, so you’ve plenty of time to hunt out some yellows of your own.

42 Replies to “Gallery Of Yellow Flowers”

  1. Yellow does indeed speak for itself, and most joyously. Margaret21 said it well: good for the soul. I especially covet that flouncy one in “Wildflower Mix” — is that some kind of Rudbeckia? But I wouldn’t mind a clump or two of Archie Harrison. Thanks for the good cheer.

    1. We’ve collectively driven the real Archie away – let’s hope the chrysanthemum fares better. I think it might be some form of prairie coneflower (Ratibida) but that’s a guess. It looks a little more flouncy than it ought to, if that’s the case, but it’s possible I picked out the gaudiest.

  2. Yellow is most definitely cheering us all up right now. You have a lot of yellow flowers – most of mine would be daffodils, rudbeckias and sunflowers!

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