Flower Macros: Primula Auriculas

Grey edged Primula auricula 'Sea Peep'
Primula auricula ‘Sea Peep’

Auriculas have an old-fashioned quality: something about the green flowered and mealy grey flowered ones on display at this year’s N.A.P.S. show mades them seem as if any decent Renaissance poet ought to have written a verse or two in their honour.

One of the attractions of a flower show for me is the chance to practice photography on some unusual, exceptionally well-presented flowers.

Green edged Primula auricula 'Prague'
Primula auricula ‘Prague’

My knowledge of show auriculas is limited, but I couldn’t help feeling that it would take an expert to spot the differences between some of the green ones.

Green Primula auricula 'Kermit' on the show bench
Primula auricula ‘Kermit’

The wonderfully named Primula auricula ‘Kermit’ seemed almost indistinguishable from Primula auricula ‘Prague’ without close scrutiny: the green edge was a touch broader and the black feathering was a little less prominent and more confined to the centre.

But then, the hybridiser focuses on nuances. Little details matter when the flowers are coin-sized. I can imagine that some cultivars are more reliable, more readily available and so more suited to the show bench.

Double green Primula auricula 'Lincoln Cuckoo'
Primula auricula ‘Lincoln Cuckoo’

A green, double auricula ticks off two novelty boxes. The doubles always make me think of roses. I’d love to see a rambling rose with flowers like this little beauty!

Primula auricula 'Limelight' has unusual pale lime-green flowers
Primula auricula ‘Limelight’

Primula ‘Limelight’ appeared to be a reliable auricula for the show bench as several exhibitors featured it at the N.A.P.S. show. The unusual colour prompts another memory – of the ice cream we were sometimes given for dinner at primary school. A little on the greyish side of cream, it was slightly sticky and was served in small (all too small), flat squares. Even as a child I knew it had something artificial about it, but it was beyond delicious.

If you fancy seeing more show bench standard Primula auriculas, check out my auricula gallery from the N.A.P.S. Northern Section’s Cheadle Show.

This post was prompted by Sunshine’s Macro Monday and Cee’s Flower of the Day.

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  1. Lovely photos – I especially like ‘Lincoln Cuckoo’. It looks almost as if it has a slight touch of frost. 🙂

  2. Gorgeous photos of these tiny flowers. I have six myself, but only one flowered this year and I know I’m not looking after them properly. I must do better!

  3. How interesting. I appreciate the patience it takes to breed flowers to be somewhat different than the known ones – and to remember all these sometimes minor details. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I find plant breeders fascinating too. The society has very specific rules about how show plants should be patterned and coloured – a bit like Crufts for dogs.

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