Objects of Desire – Garden Style

Decorative wooden planter with finials containing a small tree
Classic wooden planter at Trentham Garden
Grey painted bird feeder
Elegant, painted bird feeder

A back garden
A garden sun room
Bug hotel in the shape of a city skyline
City skyline bug hotel at the Tatton Park Flower Show
Stacked terracotta pots in a potting shed
Potting shed with stash of terracotta plantpots
House with a topiary elephant
Plastic topiary elephant

37 Replies to “Objects of Desire – Garden Style”

  1. The potting shed WITH all the pots please and the summer house are things I crave. The pebbles are rather nice too 🙂

  2. Great pictures Susan. I love the picture with the ‘rocking horse.’ Brings back many memories from my childhood.

    1. It must have been fun to have one like that. We had a wooden rocking horse our Papa (maternal grandfather) made for us – Mama covered the seat and gave it a mane, so it was a team effort. The Bush radio you can just make out in the same picture brings back memories for me.

      1. It was good fun, but could be so dangerous if you were a bit on the heavy side. Quite a few bruised foreheads from rocking too hard.

  3. I’d like the bug hotels for my garden please, though I must say both the planter and the feeder are charming too.

    1. The bug hotel is as attractive to humans as it is to insects and you can’t say that about all of them. The planter and the feeder are well-designed and constructed. I think they are my favourites, though I like the plant labels too.

      1. I wonder how long the lettering lasts on the plant labels. They certainly are a much more attractive option than white plastic ones and something I’d like to try myself.

  4. Hello Susan. I really like your pictures of the city skyline bug hotel and the potting shed.
    Thank you! Rita

    1. Insect hotels come in all shapes and sizes but I think this is the neatest one I’ve seen (in both the UK and US senses of the word).

    1. The topiary shot was taken on the edge of one of the oldest topiary gardens in the world, Levens Hall. The rest of them are real, needless to say!

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