Objects of Desire – Garden Style

Decorative wooden planter with finials containing a small tree
Classic wooden planter at Trentham Garden
Grey painted bird feeder
Elegant, painted bird feeder

A back garden
A garden sun room
Bug hotel in the shape of a city skyline
City skyline bug hotel at the Tatton Park Flower Show
Stacked terracotta pots in a potting shed
Potting shed with stash of terracotta plantpots
House with a topiary elephant
Plastic topiary elephant

37 Replies to “Objects of Desire – Garden Style”

  1. Wonderful.
    Don’t know which I like best – they all fill me with envy and desire (to have a real in-ground garden).
    The bug hotel is amazing, but then the potting shed is an object of desire too 🙂

    1. Yes, I could get a little wistful over that potting shed too – potting is such a joyful, relaxing pastime. The only downside is dealing with the surplus seedlings.

    1. The simplest ideas are often the best. I love finding the pebbles with pictures or messages on that people sometimes leave. The last one I found was a yellow submarine pebble on the edge of a wood. I would have loved to have taken it home, but left it for the next person to see.

    1. I don’t think it does – there would be a lot of them to move. It adds formality and weight, a bit like how we might frame a picture although we don’t need to.

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