22 Replies to “Something To Raise A Smile”

    1. I’d vote for kids to do the artwork for all our public campaigns. That way we’d get some smiles mixed in with the messages.

  1. I love the squares. You are what you eat!
    That makes me a grapefruit and a chocolate this week.

    1. You inspired me, Margaret. I was half inclined to hold this back and see if you went for ‘cheerful’ on Saturday. I did have to search a bit to find something that made me smile, given the state of our politics. We may need more pictures that will raise smiles, I fear!

    1. There’s a lot of work in this, but so worthwhile. I didn’t realise quite how charming it was until I looked back at the pictures afterwards.

  2. I am reaching for chocolate-covered raisins — do they count? I agree totally that anything that brings a smile is most welcome right now. Kudos to all the teachers and others who supervised and helped the kids! Gardens in schools? Brilliant!

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