Sweet Peas On The Holy Island

Bright orange pink flowers on a string frame in a flower garden

Gertude Jekyll and Edwin Lutyens created a kitchen garden with herbs, vegetables and flowers for cutting on The Holy Island of  Lindisfarne. We found these sweet peas overlooking the garden from a string trellis, one summer evening.

For more about Lindisfarne’s garden, visit the National Trust website.

13 thoughts on “Sweet Peas On The Holy Island

  1. Sylvia Ismail says:

    Beautiful colour – and I can almost smell the scent! Sweet peas are among my favourite flowers, but I have had very limited success growing them in Egypt. That said, I have come across two nursery gardens in and around Cairo where they flourish. I don’t know what the secret is!

    • susurrus says:

      Thanks! My battery gave up a minute or so later, which was tantalising, to put it mildly. The Gertrude Jekyll garden was looking as good as I’ve seen it.

  2. Oddment says:

    I did not know what Holy Island was, so of course I had to look it up. I am in awe. I cannot imagine the wonder of seeing these sweet peas in such a place. Thank you for ever more education!

    • susurrus says:

      It is a remarkable place and the long sandy drive to get there makes it appear more so. In context, it is tempting to make some kind of connection between a cloistered life (of the sweet peas, growing gloriously towards the heavens on a frame of string) and the freedom of the other flowers clustered together in the garden below, were it not for the fact that the sweet peas look so wistful.

      • Oddment says:

        Not just tempting, but mandated. You’d HAVE to make that connection in that context! All the more beautiful. I’m imagining that long sandy drive and it’s wonderful.

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