Delphinium ‘Flamenco’ from the Highlander Series

Delphinium with pink double flowers, streaked green

During the summer, I dedicate more time to taking photos than to sharing them. If you’re a flower stalker too, you’ll understand the temptation. After all, a delphinium waits for no man (or woman), blooming in response to triggers we understand at an abstract level rather than feel happening at a cellular one. It’s somewhere between a pleasure and a frenzy to be in full-on photo gathering mode, so, as September taps on the door, it feels good to slow down and enjoy revisiting summer’s photo stash.

This plant wasn’t labelled at RHS Tatton Park, where I saw it, so I’ve had to look it up. Delphinium ‘Flamenco’ is part of the Highlander series of Scottish-bred delphiniums. The ruffled flowers attracted me, with their tiers of pink petals, each with a hint of lavender or green, clustered around a pretty green eye. It’s a shorter growing variety, so worth considering for a smaller garden or towards the front of a border. It was being grown as eye candy in a large pot near to a splendid greenhouse where it would be sure to draw in visitors like me, who had flowers at the front of their minds rather than structures.

Hope you like this one as much as I did! I’m sharing it as part of Cee’s Flower Of The Day.

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    1. Thanks, Peter. I am always cautious about searching for a cultivar name online (we too often see a flower identified as a different species, let alone by the right cultivar name) but this seems to have a consensus.

  1. Another person who has never seen this variety before. I am abou to Google it to see if I can buy some for next year. I just have to have one, or two, or three!

  2. That one is TOO fancy! It is one of those flowers that wold look great in the neighbor’s garden, but would make my simple garden look inadequate.

  3. This should be called the Bedhead Flower! Those petals look painted, and the whole of it absolutely wild. Judging by all the color in the background, I’d have to think that this entire place was color-wild. Yes, September is knocking at the door. It will be fun to see more of your summer photos as you look back.

    1. Colo(u)r-wild is the perfect description for a flower show. I tried to crop as much as possible of the background because the flower contains distractions enough. My eye seems to take the pink for granted and searches out lavender and green.

        1. I was thinking it’s strange to take pink for granted in a delphinium. There must be a way to amend ‘a rose of any name would smell as sweet’ for a delphinium… ‘a delphinium of any colour would sway as gently’ perhaps?

          1. Alas, you have got me thinking about that. I like the adaptation. Even the word “delphinium” seems to sway. It’s so different from the monosyllabic “rose.” I’ve been sitting here contemplating this instead of doing morning chores. How easily I myself sway.

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