Heleniums at Bluebell Cottage Gardens

Orange and yellow daisy flowers

We’d been meaning to visit Bluebell Cottage for a while and weren’t disappointed. There were some signs of flowers going to seed earlier than usual due to the long hot and dry spell, but the overall effect was glorious and the pollinators were having a field day – literally. I can hardly believe I managed to take this picture of the garden without a butterfly or bee in the foreground (there is a blurry bee a few rows back). 

Shared for Cee’s Flower of the Day. This is Helenium ‘Moerheim Beauty’ – such a staple in gardens here and seemingly unaffected by the drought. Bluebell Cottage Gardens is one of Cheshire’s Gardens of Distinction.

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  1. I remember these! You just taught me about them — I thought they were Rudbeckia or some such thing. I like the glow of these a lot.

      1. Yes! When I googled Helenium, I found out they were also called sneezeweed. I’d heard of sneezeweed but not Helenium. You can tell my education is mostly folk. But what charm in a name like “sneezeweed” or “sneezewort.”

        1. I was brought up using the folk names but they are a bit of a maze. What we call a buttercup may not be the same as a buttercup elsewhere – I can never get used to a daffodil being called a buttercup for example, even if it is yellow. Mind you, it’s the same with pudding, biscuit and crisps!

  2. Helenium are such lovely little dancers in their frilly skirts and so nice for late summer. I really must try and grow some even though I know the S&S like them too.

  3. Bravo. Bravo Bravo. I like what you see Susan. Yes indeed. Your photos are evolving. Bravo.

  4. I like Heleniums very much: they are plants I’ve learnt about recently thanks to NH bloggers, and quite difficult to source here. What is really interesting in your photo ( as well as the Helenuiums) is the lovely soft glow of colour in the background.

    1. I’m always surprised to find out how much I take certain plants for granted. Geraniums, heleniums and heucheras seem the kind of plants that would thrive everywhere – until you try to grow them in a completely different climate.

  5. I love the feel of this photo, It’s like it’s going on forever. I really like how you captured the Heleniums here.

  6. I love the vibrant saturated colors of the flowers in the foreground and how this fades into the soft blurred contrasted colors in the background.

    1. I’m glad! There are so many different ones available here, but people in the know often seem to plump for H. ‘Moerheim Beauty’.

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