Rosa ‘Scepter’d Isle’ at Bodnant Garden

Pink rose with chalice shaped blooms

Rosa ‘Scepter’d Isle’ caught my eye during our visit to Bodnant Garden in Wales this week. The garden opens until 8 o’clock in the evening some Wednesdays during the summer (please check details online before visiting) so we could arrive fashionably late and still enjoy a (very) warm evening stroll.

We had planned to go a week or so earlier – given the choice, I prefer to catch the roses slightly before their peak when they are at their freshest, before the garden has time to need dead-heading. Winds gusting at 35-40mph put paid to that idea. Although the rose garden was a touch further on, it was still looking lovely, with rambling roses in flower on the many pergolas.  

I photographed ‘Scepter’d Isle’ a couple of years ago, early in the day when it was covered in dew (click here to see the post). The earlier shot is softer, perhaps more alluring, but I like this one too, for its classic look – it shows the chalice shaped blooms so characteristic of this David Austin variety.

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  1. Of course you know that I love the way that amazing bud is elbowing its way to the foreground. I wonder how many shades of pink it’s wearing. I visited the older blog post and was just as charmed by the buds there too. How gorgeous summer can be! Thank you!

    1. Those buds you like so much can be a bit on the pesky side, elbowing their way in (and out of focus). I am still experimenting with them as promised!

  2. Hello Susan, Thank you from Seattle.  I love your photos; yor fabulous eye and sense of color; your turn of phrase; as well as your partners. Thank you also for sharing your travels with me. Best, Julie

  3. Gorgeous! It’s one of my favorites. My Lady of Shalott is having a great summer, blooming her head off! Teasing Georgia is also doing very well.

    1. I saw Lady of Shallot growing near Dallas earlier this year – it looked the best of the bunch in a garden full of roses.

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