Pink Roses Having A Snow Day

Roses in snow in a cemetery

Pink rose with snow on its branches

Trailing pink snow-covered roses

A tangle of snow covered roses

Pink roses on a snowy day in Greenwood Cemetery, Jackson, MS, with a shout out to Cecile Wardlow and the volunteers who look after them. To see the roses in this wonderful old cemetery on a sunny day, click here.

Hope, wherever you are, that the weather is being kind to you.

50 Replies to “Pink Roses Having A Snow Day”

  1. Oh my! It looks beautiful but I don’t imagine the roses will do too well with this. Thanks for sharing these photos though it is something special to see them under the snow.

    1. In general, you’re right, although most years I have seen frosty roses and rose buds. The best repeaters will flower right up to the frosts in England.

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