Leafy Coleus With Beautifully Patterned Leaves

Leafy plant with green and purple leaves

Some plants have to wait for flowers to become colourful. Others, like this coleus, don’t. Purple, bright pink and cream splashes and veins do their best to crowd out the lime green, creating a bouquet on every leaf. Some varieties actually do flower very well, but for me, the tall spires of salvia-like flowers merely gild the lily… er, make that gild the coleus. 

It’s a pity that this healthy-looking plant turns to greyish-brown mush soon after the first touch of frost explodes its cell walls. Far too big to drag indoors, it has to take its chance.

On the plus side, just about any part of it roots readily in water at the leaf joints, my sweetheart tells me.

13 thoughts on “Leafy Coleus With Beautifully Patterned Leaves

  1. tonytomeo says:

    Once they start to bloom, it is difficult to convince them not to! I try to keep the flower spikes pruned off to favor foliar growth, but there are times when it really wants to bloom, especially when it gets old. It helps to stick cuttings in around mature plants to replace them s the older plants decline.

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