Regular Random: Five Minutes With Geranium ‘Havana Blues’

Close up of a Havana Blues flower

I’m fond of hardy geraniums (cranesbills), so was happy to see this new-to-me cultivar. Young ‘Havana Blues’ plants might appear a little on the straggly side until well established, when waving, wiry stems compete en mass to bear the most perfect, jewel-like flower.  

The flowers open lavender-blue, developing pearlescent, pinkish tones with age, making ‘Havana Blues’ more characterful than some of the pictures online might suggest. They are large and attractively veined, with dark purple anthers offset against a clear white eye.

This geranium wallichianum cultivar was selected by its breeder, Marco van Noort, for its long flowering season. Regular deadheading will help the plant perform to its full potential.

Pinkish blue flowers

I’m sharing these as part of regular random, hosted by desleyjanepictures. The idea is to spend a maximum of five minutes photographing your subject from more than one angle, then share a selection of your favourite shots.

32 Replies to “Regular Random: Five Minutes With Geranium ‘Havana Blues’”

  1. Gorgeous Susan. I love geraniums as well. They are everywhere here in pink and in this beautiful purple hue. I really like the hairy little buds before they come out. Thanks so much for joining!

    1. The veining is very attractive – it’s funny the kind of things you end up appreciating when you really pay attention to flowers!

  2. Aren’t they just the most giving of plants? I bought a new one this year from Burncoose nursery, but can’t remember the name and it is now in full flower for the third time! Yes, a little messy, but who cares!

    1. I used to say if I had to make do with just one kind of plant, it would be geraniums. I’m not so sure now. I might just sulk instead and refuse to choose.

  3. More geraniums! Didn’t I just read about these somewhere? They are uncommon here. My geraniums are the big old pelargoniums, and I really dig those too. Geraniums do not seem to like the dry air here in summer.

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