Flowers In Shades Of Pink

Pink camellia
Sugar pink: a double flowered camellia
Pink echinaceas
Dusty pink: a clump of echinaceas wearing golden coronets
A cluster of old fashioned pink roses
Rose pink: a glorious tumble of old fashioned ‘Hyde Hall’ roses

Close up of the centre of a pink mallow
Lipstick pink: a close up of a mallow, showing its beelines
A dusky pink, double flowered anemone
Sophisticated shades of pink: a double flowered anemone ‘Lady Gilmour’


I’m sharing this gallery of pink flowers as part of Travel With Intent’s weekly one word challenge. A new topic is announced each Sunday. You’ve probably guessed that this week’s subject is pink. Please head over to take a look at the other submissions – you’ve still got a few hours if you fancy playing along this week too.

55 Replies to “Flowers In Shades Of Pink”

  1. I don’t see a link in your response to Eliza, but I certainly am enjoying the whole idea of humans posing as flowers! Do we get to choose which flower we’ll be? This is hilarious. I thank you (and Eliza) for the wonderful distraction from moving!

    1. Yes, we can choose, subject only to the constraints of our own faces and our ability to accessorise them. The link was a bit too well hidden – sorry. You would have had to click on the word ‘this’.

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