Phlox With The Leaves Of Companion Plants

Phlox in a border

Burgundy canna leaves and the bright green crocosmia provide an interesting contrast to the lilac phlox, particularly as the sun is highlighting the leaves. In the background, arching polygonatum leaves are interspersed with a few heart-shaped hosta leaves. This is an example of companion planting for sequential flowers at the Sir Harold Hillier Gardens in Romsey, England.

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    1. It’s fun to imagine this spot at different times in the year. I wish the garden was a bit closer so I could see how far out I am – assuming I could find the same spot that is, which would be far from guaranteed. It’s in one of two long herbaceous borders that mirror each other, if I remember correctly.

  1. My eye didn’t know where to go! What an overlay of textures and colors and lights and shadows and shapes, with each element shouting LOOK AT ME FIRST! Companion planting is one of many things I need to know more about.

    1. If you think of it like a barber’s shop quartet you’ll not go too far wrong (they sing the same song, but not the same note).

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