The Bruntwood Field Office at the Tatton Park Flower Show

Bruntwood Field Office: Reception

I’m happy that my own path so often takes me past flowers and into gardens. These well trodden paths were part of Bruntwood’s witty, eco-friendly installation at the Tatton Park Flower Show. This thoughtful, quirky space made great use of recycled material. I loved the kissing gate, bike park and the unstuffy board room. 

Field Office Board Room

Often show gardens tell us relatively little about their sponsors, and visitors need a leaflet to make sense of the overall message. This garden may not be the one everyone will rush to recreate at home, but as an exercise in branding, it was refreshingly direct to the point.

I’d never heard of Bruntwood before the show, but going forward, I’ll associate it with originality, high quality (I’m saving the craftsman-made board room furniture for another post), and concern for the environment. It struck me as the kind of company I like to do business with and a fun place to work. Perhaps flower show investments can pay their way after all!

Shared for this week’s photo challenge: path.

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  1. Board Room! As the young folks say, LOL. A direct hit on my funny bone. And a kissing gate, no less. Indeed, originality flourishes. A good prod for my morning — thank you!

    1. I’ve not seen that type of fencing used often in gardening – it’s more of a way to mark a boundary than to keep anything in or out.

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