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    1. My photo library needs pruning (almost literally as I have far too many rose pictures) so I’ve been going through my files deleting old pictures, and came across this one.

    1. These are garden roses, not roses bred for floristry. It’s a mix of shrub roses, including ‘William and Catherine’, ‘Winchester Cathedral’ (with the pink petal) and ‘Susan Williams-Ellis’ with spray-flowered roses and ramblers.

  1. White cannot be esteemed too highly for its drama. I have a modest moon garden behind my screened porch, and a thick patch of white impatiens under the crabapple in the front (the impatiens balance out the tree mildew nicely), and I love both. “Making a statement” was invented for white. The little blushes among your whites are so delicate a touch. More eloquence without words. Thank you.

    1. I’m fascinated by moon gardens. The blush shades in this are mainly carried by the buds – you don’t often see so many in an arrangement.

    1. You’re right – this would be perfect for a late June bride, but it was a table centre, pictured here without the container.

    1. I didn’t make it (I wish!). A very sweet, well-known event florist gave it to me after a photo shoot (I’m not naming him here as it isn’t presented to his standards). For the shoot it was a table centre in an elegant container, but it still looked pretty just balanced on a cushion later that evening in the plastic dish!

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