22 Replies to “Bouquet of White Roses and Lily of the Valley”

  1. I love roses, they grow in abundance here in the Charente Maritime in SW France, they come in all colours and all varieties, hot pinks, oranges, reds, climbers, shrubs, standards, but white roses are always my favourite. We have a shrub rose with thousands of tiny white roses, they grow in little climbs and continue to flower all summer long and the scent is heavenly too, I permanently have a vase on the kitchen table, they won’t be tamed, so they spill out on all sides, very casual and very elegant in my opinion!

    1. That sounds beautiful and idyllic. Spray flowered and rambler roses are wonderful for cutting especially if you have plenty of material. The designer of this arrangement told me he loves roses that spill and arch naturally, compared to the ones you usually see used for floristry with sturdy, stiff stems.

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