20 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Geranium Macrorrhizum

      • Marga Demmers says:

        A question about geraniums came up this morning and maybe you know the answer. Is it a good idea to deadhead them so that they keep flowering as I do with other plants? Thanks for your answer.

        • susurrus says:

          I deadhead my indoor geraniums (pelargoniums) religiously and pinch then out when they are young to encourage them to be more bushy. When it comes to the ‘real’ geraniums, I’d suggest cutting them back after flowering to keep them neat. They may or may not repeat flower, depending on the variety.

          • Marga Demmers says:

            OK, that saves my a lot of trouble. I had read about the cutting back, so that is what I will do. The suggestion about the indoor geraniums is also very welcome. So thanks a lot!

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