Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge

Roofline detail

A large percentage of my pictures could probably be classified as Odd Balls. But for Cee’s encouragement, this shot, taken in Zurich, Switzerland, would never have seen the light of day.

The patterns, colours and details intrigue me: the layering of classic, European brick and tile patterns on the chimneys with the decorative friezes around the roofline. The cap and crown of the tallest chimney seem to be modelled on an ancient building. How much creativity and craftsmanship have gone into details like these, mostly unseen by the passers by below? 

Did you notice the little creature that has crept into the bottom left corner of the frame? His legs seem a bit long for a mouse. Or the six sided, star shape hole towards the top of the chimney? Even the guttering seems to have a place in the overall pattern.

Take a look at Cee’s definition of Odd Ball and find links to other submissions here.


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