Snapshot: Blossoms and Twigs

Blossoms and twigs

This week’s Discover Challenge asks us to ‘share a series of photos or sketches that focus on different details of a larger scene’. I hope these pictures qualify. I was at RHS Harlow Carr garden recently when I saw these fresh spring blossoms emerging among bare twigs. The yellow lichen helped to create a lovely mix of new and old.  

Blossoms and twigs 2

Some of the leaves were waxy and new, but winter’s dried up beech leaves were still clinging on in places.

Blossoms and twigs 3

The light was fading, adding an unusual copper-coloured glow to the background: another gift from nature, gratefully received.

Blossoms and twigs 4

The blossoms had an unreal quality, as if they were floating in the air. Their message seemed clear – spring is here!

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  1. Yes it does say spring, and I love the contrast in the first picture between the fresh foliage, delicate blooms, and crusty damp lichen!

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