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  1. Not sure what Wordless Wednesday is, but that’s a cool pix with the word on the side of the house! Nice to be back in touch. I didn’t even remember that your blog name was just your name. When I think of your username I just always think of “pregnant pause” in English compositions! (rolls eyes…) How does it feel to be known for that? 😀

    1. I suppose that’s quite exciting really! Wordless Wednesday is a meme I enjoy. The idea is to post a picture without text other than the title and tags. It can be quite relaxing if your posts are usually words based – a little interlude.

      I sometimes put the subject in the title, which I think is allowed. There may be more complete rules: I think somewhere there’s a place you can link to but most people on WordPress don’t seem to link.

        1. It makes sense to link if you know how/where… I don’t think it’s hosted on WordPress. I won’t have reliable internet access for the next few days but you could try a google search if you felt like joining in.

  2. Love the grasses, the fading color on the building behind them, and other rustic elements. Beautiful photo that makes me wish I was there.

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